Crisp White Shirt and TieAlkaline Substances – Cleaning products, toothpaste, soap, detergents, shampoo, and skin preparations can also cause problems that may not appear until the stained area has aged or the item is exposed to heat during a cleaning process.

Salt – Perspiration, beverages and food, medicine, even wintry street gutter splash or snow removal slush can result in a change in color on wool fabrics.

Hair Care Products – Permanent wave solutions or other hair care  products can result in a change in color. This type of staining is easily recognized by the location in the neckline, shoulder, or back of a garment.

Here’s What We Do

We attempt to remove stains in accordance with professional practices. However, not all stains can be removed despite our best efforts. This usually means that:

  • The stains are very old, oxidized, and set in the fabric
  • The delicacy of the fabric limits the degree of removal
  • The fabric dye is soluble – that is, we would remove the
    dye along with the stain

The more information you provide and the sooner you bring the garment to us, the greater the chances of successful, satisfactory stain removal.